Riverfront Times: Stone Turtle is Something New for Dogtown


Stone Turtle Is Something New for Dogtown: a Date-Night Restaurant

How has the Dogtown neighborhood received its newest addition, Stone Turtle? Our server on a recent visit put it like this: "We've been told that we fit right in and are different enough to stand out at the same time."

In Dogtown, the fitting-in part is easy: Install an old-looking wooden bar, stock it with beer and whiskey, put some fried food on the menu and blend right in to the landscape. In fairness, it's not just the historically Irish neighborhood that turns to this tried-and-true playbook. Every city in the country has this sort of everyman pub. The past few years have been filled with restaurants pushing us out of our burger-and-fries rut, but the good ol' bar and grill still remains a staple because it's like Jack Johnson at a pool party: a crowd-pleaser that's nearly universal in its appeal.

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