Good Food St. Louis: Stone Turtle, a New Dogtown Icon


Stone Turtle, a New Dogtown Icon

I don’t get into Dogtown near often enough. My daughter, Robin, lived on Louisville for more than ten years, so I got to know some of the neighbors and local pubs. And I’ve walked in the neighborh St. Patrick’s Day parade a few times. Recently I read about Stone Turtle, a bar/restaurant that opened in the area last December. Based on the splendid reviews, I added it to my culinary bucket list. This week along with a couple of friends, I headed out Clayton Avenue to take a look for myself. 

Stone Turtle is located where Felix’s Pizza used to be before they moved across the street for more space. Like the old pubs in London, there are two separate entrances, one for the smaller bar area and another for the more spacious dining room..

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